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Our most loved features like reminders, notifications, recommendations and tracking progress each day allows you to be hassle free in keeping your records and focus on what matters the most -

Care for Yourself.

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The App

Let's make Healing an Everyday Process

Healing is for everyone and everyday 

From creating a patient-centric approach to health care, enhancing provider experience to making heath care affordable, we are doing pioneering work across the health care spectrum. We provide pro active care,  treatments,  lifestyle recommendations, therapies by integrating the world class providers, labs next door,  pathology,  diagnostic centers,  expert doctors and much more under one umbrella.



HealTrail app comes with various features to promote Health and Healthy Lifestyle. Few of mind-blowing features are listed below:

Holistic Healing


Our unique product provides a platform of healing that considers the whole person -  body,  mind,  spirit and emotions- in quest for optimal health and wellness.  You can choose any service that you wish to avail at your fingertips from the varied service providers. We provide you with solutions ranging from traditional to modern therapies and treatment.

Keep Track of your


Tracking your health encourages you to keep and maintain good eating,  sleeping and activity habits over a longer period of time. Heal trail enables you to see in figures that you have kept good practices for the past months with utmost ease , you are more likely to maintain these methods in the future.

Promotes Healthy &

Happy Lifestyle

Being more attentive and aware of your health and lifestyle can make a person more focused and positive. Our AI supported product and expertise  enables that by sharing the important notifications,  do's and don't and personalised messages that can keep you and your loved ones on the go and provide strong relationship between physical activity and mental wellness.

How HealTrail Works


Comprehensive Wellness Solution

HealTrail provides you a comprehensive integrated solutions towards our patient centric approach and provider’s platform which is easily available, accessible and acceptable. We provide you the guidance on the service providers like Dietician, Yoga centers, Therapy centers, Counsellors, Doctors, Pathology and Diagnostic centers, home services that are best suited to your choice of location. 

HealTrail Health Care
Track your health records on HealTrail


Personalized Healthcare 


Our AI based applications and expertise  enables important notifications, reminders, recommendations, do's and don'ts and personalized messages that can keep you and your loved ones on the go and provide strong relationship between physical activity and mental wellness .

About Us

Our Story

Led by the belief that

Healthcare is a Right – not a Privilege!

The World Health Organization defines the right to health as “a complete state of physical, mental and social well-being, and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.
Are you a house wife? Or a growing teenager, Are you turning 40 and often worry about your lifestyle changes? Aspire to be a sportsman and want to know about fitness routines? Are you suffering from any disease and ailment and looking for the best treatment near your home – We have it all !!



“One of it's kind app in the market. Health Record keeping is so simple with the use of HealTrail App.”

Rachit Verma, IT Professional

“HealTrail is the need of the hour. In today's world It's very challenging for patients to keep their health records at one place for a doctor to see them quickly.”

Dr. P. P. Srivastava, Doctor

“I have multiple lifestyle problems. Thanks to HealTrail to help me keeping motivated with lots of new recommendations and Yoga Tips.”

Megha Gupta, Housewife


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