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Elevate Your Clinic with High Level Business Management Tool

With wide access to large features that manages your clinic's daily tasks with most easy automated system


Upgrade Your Clinic Experience

Application Connect Environment
Doctor Panel gives an access to connect with your patients through various methods in terms of prescription, post OPD concern, medicine impact and improvements.
Automated Appointment
Our systems are so designed to streamline processes, improve efficiency , reduce human error, avoid scheduling conflicts, and provide users with convenient access to available time slots.
24/7 Support & 
Our team of technical experts is available 24/7 to provide assistance and support. At Doctor Panel, we pride ourselves on our exceptional customer support.

Digital India

HealTrail registered under Government of India in Digital India Scheme and Served as authorised & trusted partner.


Maximise Your Clinic Potential with Doctor Panel


Patient Management:

  • Patient Registration: Capture and store patient demographic information.

  • Appointment Scheduling: Manage and schedule patient appointments efficiently.

  • Patient Records: Maintain a comprehensive digital record of patient health history, diagnoses, medications, and treatments.


Inventory Management

Keep track of clinic inventory, including medications and medical supplies. It helps smooth operations and ensures that necessary supplies are always available when needed.
Assess and Categorize Inventory
Implement a First-In-First-Out (FIFO) System
Help to Track Expired Dispose


Billing and Invoicing

Automate the billing process by generating invoices based on the services provided, consultations, and procedures performed.

Integration with EMR systems allows for seamless transfer of patient data to billing software, reducing manual data entry and minimizing errors.

Physiotherapy Clinic

Let's Explore More

We know better what your business require..!

Laboratory Management

DoctorPanel support integration of outside and internal lab & scan centers so all types of tests or reports get processed directly to the panel with all required information.

Pricription Management

Patient historical data is managed in such a way that tracking of medicines and prescriptions made accessible &  easy, it make for doctors to give the next prescription easily.

Reception Management

Now it more easier to manage the scheduling of daily patients and align them one by one. Each individual is allotted automated series at the time of registration which will be processed throughout the OPD.

Mobile Apps

At DoctorPanel you get the facility of running software on every device and every patient is connected to your clinic by mobile app, which helps to share the appointments and prescriptions easily.

Discharge Summary

A module support to create a summary of patient's treatment with record management which help at the time of patient exit. Also calculate all the itinerary and clinic stock used during treatment.

Security Management

Every user has its own defined limits and access to the platform with customized ownership, as you get a super user role that decides lower level roles.

Staff Management

The module supports people management and tracking of all subordinates so fewer resources can be put into maximum effort. It has role delivery management and task allotment.

Business Report & Analysis

DoctorPanel has an AI-based reporting tool that helps you track your business growth and management status with various categories including Expense vs Payment In

USP of Doctor Panel

Less Effort with Major Effect


Easy To Use Environment

At DoctorPanel you get the facility of running software on every device and every patient is connected to your clinic by mobile app, which helps to share the appointments and prescriptions easily.


The Safe Place for Your Data.

  • Doctor Panel is secured from 256-bit End-to-end encryption.

  • Allow user to store their trusted highly secured database management system.

  • ​An additional layer of security to make absolutely sure that unauthorized access doesn’t happen.


Cloud-Based Technology

HealTrail is built on cloud-based technology, which means you can access your clinic's data from anywhere, at any time. Our software is designed to be flexible and scalable, so it can grow with your pathology.


Machine Learning and AI Enablement

Emphasize the integration of machine learning and artificial intelligence algorithms for enhanced business capabilities, predictive analysis, improved efficiency & make your clinic future ready.

What Our Customers Say

Dr. P.P. Srivastava


I am thrilled to share my experience with Doctor Panel, a revolutionary platform that has truly transformed the landscape of clinic management.

Dr. Reema Rai


The comprehensive and customizable Doctor Panel has empowered our team to deliver more personalized and effective patient care.

Dr. Akhilesh Rao


Doctor Panel has proven to be an indispensable tool in our practice. I endorse this platform to all healthcare professionals

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