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Donate Blood

Give a Gift of Life to Someone

About Us

Let's Know More

HelpTrail is a initiative of HealTrail and supporting peoples who are struggling from Blood Scarcity in India, We are focused and dedicated towards help in connecting donor to requester in an emergency.

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Blood Requester

HelpTrail Mconnect facility is designed to connect people in need of blood to donor easily. Install the application register your request to meet the requirements

Blood Donor 

As to support us in journey of making India free from blood scarcity, people who desire to be part of this mission support us by registering and donating blood.

Why Donate Blood?

Moral Responsibility

Donating blood is moral responsibility of citizen, now its time to support them on individual capacity to fight with blood scarcity.  Making donation put the awareness sign to people in connect of yours towards blood donation.

Community Support

Making a small step towards humanity is now easy and effective, blood donation makes good impression and connect to community or society so you also get support when your loved once required.

Be a Hero

When you donate blood, you become a hero. You have the power to save up to three lives with just one donation. Donation can create a sense of purpose and fulfillment & help to create mental well-being

Health Screening

Before donating blood, individuals undergo a health screening process. This process can help identify underlying health issues such as anaemia or certain infections. Which help early detection of these issues.

How HealTrail Works ?

Register as Blood Donor or Requester

A donor or requester get connect directly to each other instantly by easy method of registration and for that few simple steps are arranged. Follow the steps either donor or requester and register to connect to platform.


Download the HealTrail App from App Store or Play Store


Sign Up for Free by clicking up at bottom left corner


Login with Your Phone Number to HealTrail to Register


Slide down and click on blood donation panel


Now Click Age Confirmation Button to Final Registration

* First Time user need to update their blood group before registering as blood donor

HealTrail platform only connects the blood donor with the blood requester and for this purpose ensure the information of any person before contacting​​

Join the #HelpTrailChallenge

Share your blood donation journey with us.

Download on the App Store

Hear From Our Donors

Sarvesh Srivastava

Uttar Pradesh
"I hear about an application that supports people in need of blood and this initiative makes me interested to take a step towards blood donation"

Yeshi Mishra

"I heard the name HelpTrail initiative in a blood donation camp and register myself as blood donor then after a few days , I got request in a mobile application of HealTrail and I got connected to the requester nearby hospital to support them in an emergency."

Himanshu Rai

"I support this initiative as it helps many people gone through blood scarcity and the best part the process time of request and donator search is very fast and smooth."

Hear From Our Blood Requester

Atal Mahajan

"I heard of this platform in banner and generate a blood request for my brother who met with an accident and this platform helps me in the situation of emergency."

Dr. Jatin Garg

Uttar Pradesh
"It helps my patients a lot as if I get any blood scarcity in my hospital, I used to generate a request with blood group and within 24 hours I get the donor contact details."

Sakshi Mishra

"I got an emergency need of blood in my family and it helps me in the situation where no blood bank shows essential support, overall process time was agile."
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